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Modulated operating room installation system In modern operating rooms

The stainless steel paneling system is a very modern and hygienic solution that significantly increases the epidemiological safety of operating theaters. The system is designed in accordance with the technical requirements of the building. Wall and ceiling panels are easily demountable, flush with each other, connected with a hygienic, hermetic seal. The hinged and sliding medical doors are a consistent complement to the building. The design of the building system includes the equipment of operating theaters with all kinds of monitors, negotoscopes, clocks, wardrobes and sockets.

To maintain the aesthetics of the room, we offer finishes with a natural metallic appearance and painted in a color from the RAL palette. It is also possible to order panels coated with silver ions as a barrier to microorganisms. Glass panels can be an additional solution that significantly increases epidemiological safety. In this solution, you can use graphic elements that will be an excellent decorative element.

The system is designed in accordance with the technical requirements of the building and consists of the following elements:

  • Modular wall panels
  • Modular ceiling panels
  • System doors are flush with the surface of the wall panel
  • System built-in wardrobes integrated with wall paneling
  • Wall and recess flashing made of stainless steel
  • Complementary and additional masking panels

The benefits of such a system are as follows:

  • Short assembly time
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection of surfaces 
  • Easy access to devices built behind the walls
  • Easy disassembly in the case of reconstruction or renovation
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Perfect integration of other equipment and medical equipment such as surgical washers, cabinets, ventilation devices, negatoscopes, etc.
  • Modern and aesthetic appearance

Control systems and integration of operating theaters

The system allows for wireless or wired control of equipment and devices in the operating room. It enables the transmission and distribution of the video signal, and its open architecture provides the possibility of further expansion, in line with customer expectations.

The system allows you to control the following equipment in the operating room:

  • operating tables
  • operating lamps
  • general lighting
  • air conditioning, laminar air vents
  • cameras located in operating lamps and rooms
  • negatoscopes
  • video signal splitters,
  • monitors and recorders
  • access to the HIS system and the ability to view DICOM files
  • doors and shutters

Operating tables

Excellent quality at a reasonable price, versatility and functionality ensure ease of use in everyday surgical work. The variety of table tops and bases, together with a wide range of additional accessories, allow for general and specialized surgical operations. The ranges and possibilities of regulating functional movements meet the requirements of modern, universal operating tables.

The offer includes two basic models: a hydraulic table and an electro-hydraulic table.

Surgical and treatment lamps

Our operating and treatment lamps use LED diodes as a light source. Therefore, they are characterized by innovative technology and modern design.

The most important features are very good, unchanging technical parameters, low heat radiation and long operation time. Lamps provide high values ​​of light intensity and color rendering indexes.

The lamps are available in three mounting versions: ceiling (single, double and triple suspension), wall-mounted and mobile equipped with a battery.

Hospital and rehabilitation beds

We are a manufacturer of hospital and rehabilitation beds, each of our products has passed the certification process. Our universal hospital beds will fit into many medical rooms.

The available models of hospital beds differ in the scope of the adjustment system, as well as control and automation. Depending on the type of function performed, it is recommended for a completely immobilized patient to choose a bed equipped with a full electronic adjustment system. Using a wired remote control, you can quickly and easily set all the necessary heights and tilts, which translate into high patient comfort and more efficient work of medical personnel. Each model of a hospital bed can be extended with additional, helpful functions at the customer's request.

All hospital and rehabilitation beds meet the required quality and safety standards. They are made of a steel structure, highly resistant to disinfecting and washing agents. All beds are compatible with our other products, for example with drip hangers. Each product has its full specification, which is available after selecting a specific bed model.


Lamps in UV-C technology

The UV-C disinfection technology has been known for about 100 years and is mainly used in medicine. It is one of the most effective devices capable of removing viruses, bacteria and fungi from the surface or destroying DNA or RNA of any microorganisms that will be irradiated. Irradiation with ultraviolet light is an effective, convenient, economical and ecological way of disinfecting.

Our virucidal UV-C lamps are distinguished on the market by the quality confirmed by tests and research.

The undeniable advantage of UV-C lamps is their well-thought-out and refined form.

Flow disinfection consists in irradiating the air flowing through the inside of the lamp with UV-C rays. Thanks to the forced air circulation, it flows through the disinfection chamber, where it is irradiated and cleaned.

UV-C rays do not go outside, so this lamp is perfect for places where many people are.

Additional option of direct disinfection
Lamps are equipped with removable fluorescent lamp covers. Thanks to this, after their removal, the lamps can be used for direct one-way or two-way disinfection.


Portable lamps for direct disinfection are designed for disinfecting surfaces and objects. During its use, it is not allowed to stay in the exposed room.

Depending on the power of the lamp, rooms of various sizes can be disinfected:

  • lamps with a power of 108W - surfaces up to 35m2
  • lamps with a power of 72W - surfaces up to 25m2
  • 36W lamps - surfaces up to 15m2

The construction of the lamps, their low weight and a comfortable handle allow for easy movement. If there are recesses in the room, the ease of relocating the lamp allows full coverage of the room.

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